DCS Direct Jets

The Direct Jet Printer range offer unlimited customisation at amazing speeds. Developed by Direct Color Systems in the USA,

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Roland Engravers

HMH Australia supplies EGX-20, EGX-30a, EGX-350, EGX-360, EGX400-600 and Metaza MPX-80

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Crystal Creations

Crystal Creations is an innovative way of producing Personalised Full Colour Products on glass

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Mutoh Products 

The Mutoh Value Jet Printer range incorporates the latest wide format print technology. The Value Jet Range also incorporates Mutoh’s new Wave Print Technology.

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Braille Oz

The BrailleOz fits a large range of Engraving and Router Machines, and the chances are is your machine is one of them.

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iSign System

i-Sign is the intelligent electronic/digital sign system that is going to change the way you and your customers think about traditional backlit displays forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions area is provided as an insight to our business, sure its not a complete list, however if you can think of a question we have missed please contact us and we will answer ASAP! Thank you.

Can the Braille Oz Attachment produce Aluminium & Stainless Steel Braille Signage?

YES, the Braille Oz can produce Aluminium & Stainless Steel Braille Signage. However, it is recommended that only experienced operators in this material use the Braille-Oz to produce this type of Braille Signage. For more information and specifications, please contact our Technical Sales Represenatatives via the details on our Contacts Page.

Can I use the Braille Oz Attachment with my pre-existing Engraver or Router?

YES, it is very likely that your pre-existing Engraver or Router will be suitable for the Braille Oz. There are some specifications that your machine has to meet, but the Braille Oz attachment will fit all Routing Machines. It has also been adjusted to fit many medium and large sized Engraving Machines with additional offset pieces as an option. Some of these Engraving Machines include those from Roland, Gravograph, and Vision. For more information on whether your machine is suitable please contact our Technical Sales Representatives via the details on our Contacts Page.

Do you have to use Glue with the Braille Oz Attachment?

NO, you do not have to use Glue with the Braille Oz Attachment. The Braille Oz Attachment places beads into pre-drilled holes. By following our easy to read procedures and specifications there will be no need to use any form of glue or adhesive when producing Braille Signage.

Which Roland Engravers can I produce Braille & Tactile Signage with?

Currently, the EGX-400 and EGX-600. An offset piece has been specifically manufactured for the Braille-Oz Attachment to fit to the Roland EGX400 & EGX600 Benchtop Engraving Machines, making these machines absolutely ideal for producing Braille and Tactile Signage.

Do the Roland Engravers come with Software?

YES, every Roland Engraver, including the Metaza Series, comes with a very User Friendly Roland Software Suite. Additional software upgrades and packages to your Roland Software are also available depending on the cusotmer's requirements and the Roland Engraving Machine itself.

Which Roland Engravers can I produce Braille & Tactile Signage with?

Currently, the EGX-400 and EGX-600. An offset piece has been specifically manufactured for the Braille-Oz Attachment to fit to the Roland EGX400 & EGX600 Benchtop Engraving Machines, making these machines absolutely ideal for producing Braille and Tactile Signage.

Can I use any type of metal for printing photos with the Roland Metaza MPX80?

The Roland Metaza MPX-80 is capable of imprinting photos to many different types of metals. However, some metals will produce better results than others. HMH Australia offers a wide range of Official Roland Metaza Consumables that have been designed specifically for imprinting photos with the Metaza MPX-80, and will therefore, not tarnish like many of the cheap imitations available on the market.

Can the Roland Metaza MPX80 Imprint to curved surfaces?

YES, the Roland Metaza MPX-80 can imprint to curved surfaces. The Metaza MPX-80 is the first machine in a long line of Roland Metaza machines that CAN print to a curved surface. The Metaza MPX-80 uses a nose-cone that follows along the curve, allowing the User to Engrave or Imprint images to items, such as hip flasks or keyrings. As the Metaza MPX-80 does not have a rotational attachment, it does not have the ability to rotate a pen to do the full circumference, however, using the included Vice to secure the pen in place, the Roland Metaza MPX-80 will comfortably engrave text along a pen.

What are the Load Bearing Specifications for the StandOffs?

Diameter Aluminium Standoffs Brass Standoffs
Diameter 13 mm up to 20 kgs up to 40 kgs
Diameter 19 mm up to 50 kgs up to 80 kgs
Diameter 15 mm up to 80 kgs up to 120 kgs

What is the curing time required for the Excel Glaze in the Excel 5000 Polymenr Curing Unit?

While the curing time of the Excel Glaze in the Excel 5000 Polymer Curing Unit is dependent on a number of factors it can take just 30-45 seconds to harden making it the fastest Ultra Violet Curing unit available.

What is the Difference between the 'Economy' Excel Glaze & the 'Premium' Excel Glaze?

The main difference between the Economy Excel Glaze and the Premium Excel Glaze is that we guarantee the Premium Excel Glaze will stay crystal clear after hardening, without discolouring, for up to 10 years even if it used outdoors. There are other subtle differences between the Premium Excel Glaze and Economy Excel Glaze besides the price, and these can be answered by our Technical Sales Representatives. Please feel free to visit our Contacts page to ask for more information.

Can I use my current Ultra Violet curing unit to produce the Crystal Creations Products?

Due to the potentially damaging nature of high-powered UV light, most Ultra Violet Curing Units are enclosed for User Safety. The Crystal Creations Unit uses very mild Ultra Violet lights so they do not pose a risk to the User. Other ultra violet curing units will be able to cure the UV Glue used in the Crystal Creations process, however, it would be very difficult to ensure that there are no bubbles or imperfections in the Crystals if the Curing Unit is covered. HMH Australia has further information on Crystal Creations and its procsedures, so please feel free to contact us via the detail found on our Contacts page.

Can the Crystal Printer print to other Substrates besides Crystals?

YES the Crystal Printer can print to a wide variety of other products. Our range of Crystal Products suitable for the printer have been pre-coated. Therefore, a very large range of products including wood, tiles, metals and plastics can also be used with this printer if a suitable pre-coat has been applied. Please feel free to contact HMH Australia through our "Contacts" page to find out more information on this printer and recommended coating solutions for products.

How long does it take to print a Name Badge with the Millennium Printer?

The Millennium 700 Series Printer produces a Full Colour Name Badge in just 25 seconds. Other one colour or monochrome Badges can be produced in just 5-10 seconds using the Millennium Printer.

What does 'Direct to Substrate' mean?

Direct to Substrate' is a term used when a printing machine places printed graphics directly on to the substrate being printed to without the use of Intemediate substrates or Heat Presses. The advantages of having this technology in your printer include the speed and ease of producing high quality prints on a variety of substrates, as well as the over all cost, not having to purchase additional equipment or consumables.

What substrates can a Direct Jet Printer image on to?

The Direct Jet Printer can produce prints on to a large range of substrates including; ceramic tiles, wood, PVC, acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, electrical cases and fixtures, stone, and much more. However, we do recommend that all substrates be tested for image receptivity with final acceptance and suitability determined by your customer.